GSMB Agency GmbH - Your WooCommerce Agency from Ulm and Stuttgart

We offer you experience from over 200+ projects with WordPress and WooCommerce. We are your suitable partner for your WooCommerce shop. We are happy to take over theadaptation and maintenance of your already existing shop, as well as the development of your new WooCommerce project.


With our design team, we can also customise templates, or even develop our own templates for WooCommerce.

Neben einer langhaften Betreuung können wir Sie vor allem bei der Suchmaschinenoptimierung Ihres WooCommerce-Shops unterstützen.

Besides a long-lasting support, we can help you especially with the search engine optimisation of your WooCommerce shop.


WooCommerce is an American shop system and must therefore be adapted for the data protection regulations of the EU. We take care of the complete adaptations of your WooCommerce shop.