Websites are the most-used element of communication and innovation since the web appears.

You can use a website to present a company, a product, a personnality, to express your ideas, to look for ideas, to share things and to manage your business.

A website can have multiple features and we can say we have 3 main website categories as : Showcase Website / E-shop / Website full Features.

Showcase Website

A Showcase Website, or Presentation Site is a website used to present a company, a news, a character.
It is a website that aims to explain and inform.
It usually consists of 4 main pages: home page, presentation page, photo page or rates and contact page.
The showcase websites do not have any particular feature.

E-Shop /  E-Commerce

An E-shop is a website where you can sell products directly online. An E-shop always have at least minimum 1 product to sell, a payment method and a shipping method.

Sometimes e-shops need some more features such as newsletter system to be used in a Email Marketing Campaign for example or some products with customized options…

E-shops can be created with CMS like WordPress, Prestashop, Drupal, Magento… or directly with straight PHP coding.

Website Full Features

Our web agency can create whatever kind of websites, mobile apps and softwares; our developers has no limit on adding features. This is why we can offer to our customers a high quality of service and a good development for their projects. We can do whatever websites include whatever features even some hard ones such as Facial recognition, Print recognition, Barcode System,…