GSMB Agency puts at your disposal a team of dedicated SEO experts, specialized in the SEO techniques of Google search engines.

The SEO of a website begins as soon as it is created. Your entire site is optimized from the beginning to meet the search engine requirements that will index it later.

An expert advises you to target your market according to your activity, your catchment area and your budget.

Your site is responsive, so optimized for all media, computers, tablets and mobiles

The contents of your site will be optimized to be adapted to the indexing rules of the search engines while attracting the interest of the Internet users.

The source code of your site complies with web standards, the tags are optimized, the weight of your site is monitored to improve the response time.

The popularity of your website will be developed through listings in directories relevant to your business.

Internal and external link structures (backlinks) pointing to your site are worked on to be more effective.

SEO and positioning reports are issued regularly to verify the effectiveness of our actions.

You have access to all the key statistics of your site 24h / 7d, in all transparency and with Google Professionals tools.

Do you want more ?

Remarketing Google Ads

Allows you to present your ads to users who have already visited your website or have a similar profile.

Google Ads Campaign (SEM)

We manage from A to Z your Google Ads advertising campaigns

Facebook Ads campaign

Communicate on the first social media in France with GSMB Agency

Instagram Ads campaign

Communicate on Germany’s fastest growing social network

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