Die Mitarbeiter sind das wertvollste Kapital eines Unternehmens. Wir sind Ihre Agentur für effizientes Employer Branding.

As a company, it is no longer enough to simply publish job advertisements. You should have a positive image to be really successful in recruiting employees.

Which measures and strategies should be used for an effective employer branding?

In general, every company needs an individual strategy, which you can go through with us in an initial and non-binding discussion. These strategies should definitely be considered for digital employee marketing:

  • Funnel marketing with the right job landing page: This strategy tries to approach potential employees via social media (Facebook, Instagram, but also YouTube). The interested parties are forwarded to a landing page (a website that only presents the job). Various elements are placed on the landing page to encourage the user to apply. The application can be generated directly online via the website and sent to your personnel office.
  • Social media: The right communication on social media is a relevant factor to get in touch with your potential clients and to build a certain relationship.
  • Promotions: In employer branding, it is also important that potential applicants identify with you. Thereby, it is inevitable to also build up the right image / identity and to gain awareness for it. The planning of targeted “branding campaigns” is the right step here.

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Each social network has its own and individual benefits. Get to know your advantages for the respective network with us.

It is not enough to simply copy and paste a Facebook photo onto Instagram. Each platform attracts different users, both in terms of their interests and user demographics. 


We design tailor-made social media campaignsfor the respective social network to efficientlyacquire new followers and improve your corporate image..

We are also experts ininfluencer marketing. We take care of the selection of influencers and manage the influencer campaigns, so that you quickly build up a great awareness via social media. Furthermore, we analyse the campaigns together with you and make improvements. We can access a huge network of influencers.

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Achieve your goals through successful social media marketing

A successful social media communication is characterised by the fact that you achieve your previously defined goals. As a social media agency, we set your goals together with you, which we meticulously track and analyse together. This ensures that successes remain measurable. This is one of the many reasons why our clients are among the market leaders in their industryon the social networks.

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Video production

With hardly any form of advertising can you achieve greater success than with professionally and creatively produced films and commercials.

Social Media und Marketingberatung

We advise you and give you direct strategies which you can implement internally with your team.

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