Viral Marketing

Social media brings a huge advantage with it – the so-called “viral effect”. News, content and videos can spread in the media with a tremendous speed. A company can gain with the right content and little effort a huge awareness, which can put the whole brand on a totally new level.

How does it work?

Viral marketing is all about the right content. In the vast majority of cases, we work with viral videos, so-called virals. We first sit down together as we can analyze all your needs, goals and imaginations. We use this information to create the appropriate and effective content idea for you. Then we take over the complete video creation and the planning of the video. The second challenge is to generate the maximum viral potential by taking care of the right placement. Again, we take over the full research, analysis and planning for the placement.


A viral starts at € 15,000 and ends at around € 500,000. Variable costs are: filming permissions, possible actors, length and effort of the video creation, special effects, effort of the location and the correct placement of the content.