SEO is necessary for all websites. It allows to first be present on the search engines but also to be well placed for the use of keywords.
The most popular search engines are Google, Bing, Yahoo!, DAZOO, Ask, Altavista, Baidu (Chinese), LeMoteur …

We all know, the main one : Google, reporting 98% of web traffic on search engines.

SEO refers to many professional techniques to increase your visibility on Google and your ranking (Page Rank).

What do we offer ?

Our experts in Web SEO and Marketing are responsible for referencing your website.
Professionals and Experts in Organic Search Engines, they use their skills and their knowledges to place your site on the first page of google on the desired keywords.

The techniques used to index your website in the first page google are various such as:
– Work on optimizing the source code
– Integrate keywords
– Optimize text and image content
– Optimize the Titles and H tags
– Being present on all social networks
– Being present on the directories
– Use Google Webmaster and Google Analytics
– Use the Secret of the first Google page: GSMB Agency holds it;)


The price of a natural referencing is accorded to the working time.
The deadline for completion of a referencing is at least 1 month to gets good first results.
The study of the quote is based on the keywords on which you want to be placed on the first page on Google.