Personal Branding / E-Reputation

In our times the own personality and the personality behind a brand plays an increasingly more and more important role. We help entrepreneurs and influencers to increase their user base and achieve greater user growth in the long term. In addition, we help known people and companies to improve their image and to have a better position in society.

What we can offer

We offer you extensive advices and marketing strategies to increase the awareness of your personality. In doing so, we go back to other of our strategies. If it is the complete social media management, the development and implementation of your own blog / podcast / YouTube channel, SEO, or even campaigns with suitable influencers – we will find the right strategy for you and your goals, so that you yourself become a well-known influencer.

Costs & way of work

At the beginning we will do a complete analysis and research, as well as a detailed discussion with you. For this we are at € 2,500 and after this step, we will offer you direct action options and strategies that you can implement together with us and which are targeted to your previously stated budget.