Dematerialized loyalty card

Encourage your customers to come back and reward the best of them with a new generation loyalty card

The benefits for your company :

  • Keep your customers loyal: reward your loyal customers with gifts. They will come back even more to see you!
  • Follow-up of purchases: by scanning customer loyalty cards at each checkout, you will obtain usable data (best customers, average basket, average purchase number …)
  • Ease of management: no need to print cards with barcodes etc. Everything is digital!
  • Modern image: meet the expectations of customers and give your company a modern and digital image. The mobile application and its module Card are also made for that!
  • Simple and accessible via the same admin area as your mobile app

The benefits for your customers:

  • Always on you: have you noticed that you always carry a multitude of loyalty cards on you, but never the right one or good time? Or are you more likely to keep everything safe on you until your wallet explodes? With a dematerialized card on a mobile, this problem no longer has to be!
  • Free for both iPhone and Android
  • Secure and nominative which allows your customers to change phones without losing accumulated points!

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