Restaurant Booking system: a web and mobile module that allows the restaurant owner to manage the filling of his restaurant with ease!

Why this module will become your ally in everyday life

Mobile Appentwicklung Restaurant Ulm

The benefits for your restaurant :

  • Increased Opportunity: Customers can book in just a few clicks, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even during closing hours
  • Customer loyalty: with a modern and engaging booking platform
    Save time: A single platform to manage all reservations (online, telephone, handled by teams or the manager)
  • Keep your hands free: Bookings can be processed anytime, anywhere. They arrive in the back-end of your tool (accessible from a computer, a tablet or a smartphone) and by mail (and/or sms) to lose no opportunity

The benefits for your customers:

  • To be able to book a table at any time, without waiting for opening hours and without falling into rush hour
  • Booking moduleis  accessible from a computer, tablet or mobile
  • A confirmation received by email once the booking has been confirmed by the restaurant owner

You keep your hand at every step: validation of reservations, search for tables still free, vision of the filling of the service etc.

Restaurant Order: a web and mobile module that allows your customers to order online for delivery or pick up their order at a set time

The benefits for your restaurant :

  • Increase your business: You have the ability to reach customers outside the restaurant
  • Keep a direct contact with your customers: Our module allows you to avoid intermediaries, you remain the only intercommunicator
  • Retain your customers: with an innovative service more and more value, highlighting your special offers
  • Constitute a client file with the order history

The benefits for your customers:

  • Access to their favorite restaurant from home
  • A great flexibility of payment (online, at delivery or withdrawal of the order)
  • A confirmation received by e-mail or sms when the order is confirmed

Mobile App

An app to your colors, adaptable to your needs

Online Planning

Online and Mobile Booking System

Loyalty Card

Dematerialized loyalty card on mobile application

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